Animal Embassy specializes in online educational and interactive experiences for students of all ages, varying needs and special abilities. Program offerings enable students to connect with the natural world in a nurturing & safe environment through online animal visits, wildlife artifact exhibits and digital slide presentations.

Animal Embassy brings the classroom to you

Through video conferences using Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, Skype, and Zoom you have access to live broadcasts with expert naturalist Christopher Evers.

Our Mission

Animal Embassy is dedicated to fostering an individual’s appreciation and respect for the natural world and the incredible diversity of life on Earth. We specialize in providing hands-on, interactive, and entertaining, educational experiences.

Founded in 2002 by naturalist Christopher Evers, Animal Embassy is dedicated to exotic animal rescue & adoption and environmental education.

Animal Embassy has a wide variety of rescued and adopted animals which enhance our presentation of a range of topics including diversity, biodiversity, habitats, adaptations, conservation and more. Animal Embassy has rescued or adopted more than 500 exotic animals over the years and currently maintains over 100 non-releasable animals in educational exhibits, including small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, arachnids and insects.

Animal Embassy has the unique ability to:

• Bring science-based, live animal experiences to people of all ages.

• Provide interactive programming that brings science curriculum “to life” for school students.

• Engage children in their studies by allowing hands-on time with living examples of their curriculum in a nurturing and safe environment.

• Help children to appreciate the diversity of life on Earth with an extraordinary variety of live Animal Ambassadors

• Encourage critical thinking by facilitating the recognition of our similarities and appreciation of the differences in all living things.

• Provide anti-bullying/community-building programs with live Animal Ambassadors.

• Entertain, educate and engage people of all ages and differing abilities.

Outreach Programs

Animal Embassy offers a wide variety of hands-on educational experiences for children of all ages, adults and seniors alike.

From pre-school through high school, our popular program offerings allow children and young adults to connect with the natural world through live animal visits, artifacts and outdoor experiences. Our school programs, presented by professional educators, can be tailored to meet specific themes or curriculum goals.

At libraries and nature centers, summer camps, senior centers, churches and synagogues, our educators continue on the path of bringing all ages together in the discovery of the fascinating diversity of life on Earth.

Animal Embassy Events

Animal Embassy offers a live animal experience that your children will not soon forget! Bring your party to life with an age appropriate selection of live, exotic animals and wildlife artifacts. Take an adventure around the world with exotic Animal Ambassadors representing a variety of habitats from around the globe. Children are encouraged to touch or handle animals and artifacts as they learn of the incredible attributes that allow these diverse creatures to thrive in their natural environments.

North American Wildlife

Students will be introduced to a diversity of Animal Ambassadors indigenous to North America. We will meet animals such as an Alligator Snapping Turtle, a Soft Shelled Turtle, a King Snake, a Rabbit, and a domestic Rabbit. We will explore their differing habitats as well as learn how animals from other parts of the world have come to call North America home. Also included are our director’s incredible images of North American wildlife including the Grizzly Bear & Black Bear, the Banded Rock Rattlesnake, and Wild Horses of the Pryor Mountains.

South American Adventure

Take an exciting look at the incredible and varied wildlife of South America. Meet a variety of animals representing diverse habitats and reflecting the amazing diversity of life on Earth. Discover how these creatures adapt to the unending challenges in their own unique ways, and see some of the unique strategies that have helped animals to survive in their particular environments. Meet South American Animal Ambassadors such as a Spectacled owl, a Red-foot tortoise, a Red-eyed tree frog, chinchillas, and a Boa constrictor. Explore the Pantanal region of Brazil with amazing photographs and stories. Students will view images of one of the world’s largest wetlands, including photos of Jaguars, Giant otters, Toucans, Hyacinth macaws and Caimans.

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